Volunteering Nepal

Ganesh Himal Community Foundation has been actively participating in bringing positive change in rural communities of Nepal. In recent context, this organization has been active at raising awareness on the proper management of garbage and plastics bags. The main focus is to make villagers aware on the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling garbage and plastics to reduce pollution in the village.

At the meantime, the foundation has also been determine is planting various species of trees in village area making people aware of effect of climate change and global warming.

The organization is also promoting the “Home Stay Packages” in the village which promote the local cultures, rituals, local dishes and delicacies which main motto is the preserve the local culture.

We also welcome you to volunteer in our community school, in many village of Nepal, womens are united and form womens group to bring changes in women’s life skills, you can actively joined with womens group to share your knowledge and experience to end gender inequality

We kindly request the interested candidates to come forward to provide helping hand to support Ganesh Himal Community Foundation goals, to participate in our volunteer program, please contact us or send us your query.


Volunteering in Nepal